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We have been engaged in fruit growing since 1994 utilizing both traditional and modern methods. Our winery was established in 2012 quite literally “on the hill” in Skalica vineyards. Our credo is respect towards nature and love towards the land of our home region which bears our fruit. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible quality of our unique fruit wines. We pay special attention to the quality of ingredients we make our products from therefore we prefer the use of our own fruit. We pick all our fruit by sorting and rinse it in such a way we gain the most flavoring and aromatic compounds that are hidden in the fruit

We DO NOT MAKE our wines from concentrates as it is very common nowadays, we use neither artificial coloring nor flavoring.

We specialize in the production of precious fruit wines and wines made exclusively for private clients.

We also have a rarity in our cellar such as the wild cherry wine, which according to available information, is not produced by any other winery.

We have gone through the development and searching for the ways from making live wines to wines which are modern and unique in which we pass on to you our love and joy from wine production.

Fruit wines




In our portfolio we offer the possibility to rent our wandering tea house “Bludička” (Will-o’-the-wisp). It is a place with a nomadic atmosphere for those who enjoy quality loose tea served in replicas of the Great Moravian Empire ceramics, shisha, or a cup of chilled wine.

The tea house is stylized into the early Middle Ages with elements of the orient. It offers a place to relax in the shade on a carpet with sitting on furs and tree trunks which can be extended by seats made of old wine barrels. The tent with dimensions 6x6m can be further extended by 2m on each side.

Our tea house is offered as an attraction for organizers of historical events and festivals who want to enrich their visitors with the possibility of unique experiences.

The price of the tea house for organizers for max. 3 days:

  • Western Slovakia   (300€),

  • Central Slovakia    (500€),

  • Eastern Slovakia  (700€).

Prices include VAT as well as transport, construction, and operation of the tea house.


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