For Kids

Events for kindergartens and schools present a great opportunity for children to gain useful information about caring for trees, growing fruit, its harvesting, but also about our folk customs in a funny and engaging way. Kids have the opportunity not only to see and hear but most importantly to try works on their own alongside the Fruitener who accompanies the children through the orchard and cellar and show them his fruit kingdom.

The events take place in April – May, they are adapted to the seasonal weather, current work in the orchard, the age of the kids and the time schedule. The minimum number of children is 15. The parents,

a legal representative or authorized person are responsible for the children.
In case of rain or mud in the orchard we reserve the right to cancel the event. In case of such weather the price may be increased by 50%. It is advisable for the children to wear waterproof rubber boots and raincoats with extra clothes and shoes to change.

Price: pedagogical supervision – free, children – program without a horse 8 € / person, program including a horse 9 € / person. Prices include VAT.