New free dates for the Fruit Tree and Shrub Cutting Course

[:sk]plagat strihanie stromov 2017 – kópia

We invite you to the Course of cutting fruit trees and bushes.
Available dates: March 25, 02, 09, 23 April 2017. Other dates apply, but they are full.
The first hour, two is inside – theory, so that we understand the laws of the cut, then 3 – 4 hours. in the orchard – we will try the cut of the slender spindle, the round crown and the tall trunk and the cut of the bushes.
It is a good idea to take suitable shoes /”rubbers”/ with you to change into the set, because of the mud, and warm clothes.
If you don’t have your own scissors for cutting, which you are used to, it doesn’t matter, we will lend you one.
We are looking forward to you.
Payment is also possible on the spot, you must register in advance, max. the number of participants is 10.
Contact: FB: Ovocinár Skalica sro – local company,,, 0903 247 615, 0904 613 203