An outstanding achievement in South Africa at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2021….

    At the 25th edition of the largest and oldest wine competition in Africa – Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2021, our fruit wines won:
Raspberry wine 2020, edition Dekameron BEST INTERNATIONAL FRUIT WINE ( the title of champion of fruit wines),
– Sour cherry wine  2020 DOUBLE GOLD,
– Cherry and sour cherry wine “Christmas Eve” 2020, GOLD,
– Raspberry wine with blackcurrants 2020, edition Dekameron, GOLD,
– Wine from Pears Wiliams 2020, GOLD,
– Vir Fortis, cuveé 2017, GOLD,
– Plums wine 2020, SILVER,
– Apricot wine “Beckov castle”,  2020, SILVER,
– Rhubarb wine “For Barbora”  2020, SILVER.
    We are very happy and appreciate this success. We would like to thank everyone who helped us. Also JUDr. To Luboš Bárt, MBA, editor-in-chief of SOMMELIER magazine, who ensured the distribution of bottles and everything related to this competition.
    The participation of wines from the Czech Republic and Slovakia was ensured by the editors of the SOMMELIER magazine: “Despite the restrictions of the 3rd level due to Covid-19, which continue for the second year already, we were able to assemble a highly professional jury, which evaluated 1812 wines from almost twenty countries in four days,” comments this year competition founder Lorraine Immelmann. “All 22 judges, among them 14 Cape Wine Masters, did an excellent job. Even during covid, Michelangelo remains the most recognized and largest competition in the Republic of South Africa. On average, this year we awarded medals and trophies to less than a third of the competing wines,”
The fruit wines that were entered this year impressed the judges so much that the organizers decided to award a special trophy for the best rated wine in this category. Elsie Pells, Cape Wine Master said: “It was a pleasure to taste the fruit wines from Slovakia, they were all well-made, balanced and technically correct, and most of them won a gold medal. The highest rating and the champion’s trophy went to Ovocinár Hrehor from Skalice for the wine from raspberry 2020 from the Decameron edition. But others also stood out for their purity of fruit and very good balance, namely rhubarb, raspberry and apricot. Good job!”
Once again, THANK YOU and cheers, friends!
P.S.: Saška, when we meet again, we will celebrate properly!!!