Many thanks…

Many thanks
to all our customers, friends who have supported us during the past two months, either by purchasing, promising financial assistance in needs, by sharing a post, or in another way, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.
The restrictive measures hit us at a time when we used the entire financial reserve to buy a vehicle, because the old one broke down. At the time of bottling wines and vinegars. At the time of purchase of filter plates, bottles, labels, corks. At the time of cutting trees in the orchard. All these works cannot be stopped, they must be done exactly at the given time.
I see the fact that we have finally launched the e-shop and the knowledge that there are still people with a heart in the right place as a positive of the whole thing.
The first aid came from the state after two months. We are very well aware that thanks to you, who helped us in this difficult time, we were able to continue our work and our winery survived. We can continue to produce honest products for you. It wasn’t easy and the situation is certainly nowhere near back to what it was before. But I guess the worst is behind us. Thank you.
You are great people and we love you from the bottom of our hearts