Great Test 2020 – Rosehip fruit wine, “Maria Theresia”, 2016

We are very happy that our fruit rosehip wine, “Maria Theresia”, 2016, ice harvest, received 1* award at Great Test 2020.
The Great Test is the world’s largest and most trusted and rigorous food and drink award. Food and beverage testing by a group of more than 500 experts. Great Taste are highly regarded seals of approval, a way to get honest, direct and unbiased feedback from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers. Of the 12,000 registered products, less than a third of them received the award. This year, all registered fruit wines from around the world received at most 1*. And we were among them!
“The color is amber with a fig veil on the periphery, the aroma is full of sweet, fruity fig-citrus, even orange. The taste is full of stone fruits, sweet oranges and figs, complemented by vanilla, freshly roasted coffee and with a chocolate finish.”
Champion of fruit wines and Gold Medal – Radošovce Regional Wine Exhibition 2017
Fruit Wine Champion and Gold Medal – Goral Vine Fest International 2017
Champion of fruit wines and Gold medal – 6th All-Slovak wine exhibition with international participation in Skalica 2018
Especially for the Bratislava coronation celebrations
and on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Queen Maria Theresa 1717 – 2017, who made a significant contribution to the development of fruit growing and landscape design in our country, we produced this luxurious full wine for special occasions.
Sold out, but good news …. 21.10.2020 we are bottling a new similar arrowroot barrique.
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